Off late, rumors about Nvidia’s next-generation Pascal-based graphic cards have been abound in the tech sphere – understandably so, after all the chip giant is expected to make a big announcement at this year’s GPU Technology Conference. And now, adding more to all those speculative reports spreading like a wildfire, new leaked images have surfaced on the web depicting what’s being widely perceived as the GeForce GTX 1070 and GeForce GTX 1080.


The leaked images show the cooler shrouds of the two devices, and by the looks of the shrouds, it appears that Nvidia is using a revised variant of the NVTTM cooler on these new products. However, we all know such leaks should be taken with a grain of salt unless backed by some substantial evidence.

As always, Nvidia has been tight-lipped about the leaked images as well the naming schemes of the forthcoming Pascal cards.

Worth noting, Nvidia’s Pascal GPU will make its debut appearance at GTC 2016. We already have had a closer look at some of the prototypes demonstrated at the GTC 2014/15 (alongside the Drive PX 2 module demo that appeared at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

At the forthcoming rendition of the GTC, Nvidia is expected to fully unveil the much anticipated Pascal GPU architecture which remained “under development” for more than two years and was finally introduced across platforms in 2016.


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