The new Nvidia GeForce Experience 3.0 is now available to users and we think the graphics giant has done a pretty neat job with this updated version. It comes with a new UI that’s optimized to look awesome and deliver a faster performance.


For the uninitiated, GeForce Experience is a tool that enables GeForce users to update their graphics driver at ease, optimize games, and brings an array of features including, Shadowplay, Gamestream, and GeForce Experience share.

GeForce users can download the new version manually by visiting, or alternatively, you can also automatically update your current version of Experience.

How does the GeForce Experience 3.0 release change your gaming experience?

Not only does the new user interface look great, but it is also lighter and runs considerably faster than the previous versions. In fact, Nvidia claims that GeForce Experience 3.0 can deliver a speed up to three times faster than the GE 2.0. It also goes softer on your system memory.

The revamped homepage now allows simple, single-click access to information and settings. It also makes it easier for users to stay updated on the latest drivers. The update GE also fetches details about various GeForce and Gameworks technologies compatible with new titles like Nvidia ANSEL and Nvidia SMP.

Of course, all these information will still be available on the GeForce website, but who would mind having all the info they want handy under a single window?

“Now, GeForce Experience can record gameplay at 60 FPS, at up to 4K, in fullscreen and windowed modes, and upload a complete or trimmed clip to YouTube; livestream to Twitch and YouTube Gaming at 1080p60; capture and edit screenshots, and upload them straight to Imgur without leaving the game; show your FPS during gameplay; and let a friend jump into your game via Chrome to either watch, take control of your character, or play in co-op. And now these features are also available on Optimus notebooks”
[Via: GeForce]

So far Shadowplay is concerned, Nvidia updated it to the new Share Overlay UI that brings on-screen controls, multiple tweaks and changes to Shadowplay, clip editing, and easier handling. (Click here for more details.)

And finally, you must be logged in to access Nvidia GeForce Experience 3.0. You can login using your Nvidia, Facebook, or Google accounts.


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