There are more and more rumors circling the web, talking about Nvidia revealing an updated Shield Android TV. The reveal should happen during CES 2017 (January 5-8, 2017); more than a year passed since Nvidia released the first Shield Android TV, CES unveiling is likely to happen.

Slash Gear got their hand on the rumored specs, reporting the device should keep the same name as the original. Further, the new device will bring some upgrades. Some of the most important ones include 802.11ac Wi-Fi support and MIMO antennas, meant to bring fast and more important, stable wireless connectivity. Also, The Shield Controller will connect to the set-top box via Bluetooth Low Energy instead via Wi-Fi Direct.

The Original Shield Android TV Device
The Original Shield Android TV Device

Rumors talk about the Shield Remote also connecting via Bluetooth Low Energy, but chances for that are slim. The upcoming Android TV set-top box will offer longer battery life, with the Shield Controller becoming a bit slimmer. 4K support will stay like is the case with the original device.

The new Shield Android TV will focus more on the 4K resolution support; as you probably know, Google recently introduced 4K content on Play Movies & TV with support for a few devices (like Chromecast Ultra, Sony Bravia Android TV and Xiaomi Mi Box 3,). The original Shield Android TV isn’t listed, but its successor might get supported, once out.

As for the pricing, no details were revealed. The current Shield Android TV is going for $199.99 (regular version) and $299.99 (Pro version). We don’t know at the moment will Nvidia show a Pro version of the new device.

Releasing a refreshed version of the Shield Android TV is something expected. The original device is relatively popular, and Nvidia doesn’t have to put a plethora of new features on the successor. Will you check out the new Shield Android TV once it gets out? Let us know in the comment section below.


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