Nvidia announced today its new flagship model, Titan X. GTX Titan X uses the same name as the previous generation Titan card, but this one is based on Pascal architecture, bringing immense power and full DX 12 support. Equipped with the new Pascal GP102 chip, new GTX Titan X is features 3584 CUDA cores, the biggest amount of cores on Nvidia card to date.

Titan X 1

Aside from 3584 CUDA cores, the card also packs 224 TMUs and 96 ROPs; talking about memory, new GTX Titan X features an incredible 12 GB of vRAM, which should be enough for any game running in 4K resolution. Another move forward is the inclusion of 384-bit memory bus, enabling 480 GB/s bandwidth since the memory runs at effective 10 GHz.

Titan X 2

Nvidia shared clock speeds of the card; the base clock is amped up to 1417 MHz while Boost clock can go up to 1531 MHz. the raw computational power of the card is 11 TFLOPs, making the new Titan 60% faster than the old generation Titan card. Although the card is powerful as hell TDP is “just” 250W, there are two power connectors on the card; one 8-pin and one 6-pin. Titan X, of course, supports SLI.

The release date is set for August 2nd, and the price is $1200.


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