Nvidia has released a teaser video of the TITAN X Collector’s Edition on the GeForce YouTube channel. This teaser comes right after the recent launch of the GTX 1070 Ti which also hovers in the top-end segment. This short video gives a confirmation that Nvidia is all set to raise the bar and face the competition from AMD Ryzen.

Nvidia TITAN X Collector’s Edition Official Teaser Video Shows Yet Another Ultimate GPU

This video apparently gives us the first look at the upcoming high-end graphics card from Nvidia, which should be based on Pascal. It is just the design that is revealed in this short 13-second video. What’s visible in the video is the name that is clearly mentioned on the card as “TITAN X Collector’s Edition”.

You can see it in the video below. But you’ll need to see it with your eyes open wide for spotting the name. It appears only for a split second at around 11-second mark. To make it easier for you, we have included the screenshot of the name in this piece.

The overall shape of the card is similar to the current TITAN X cards but still has a distinct shape. The short video includes a lot of close-ups of the card and the shroud that has cuts and other details that add to the overall design of the TITAN X Collector’s Edition. You can also see the RGB LED lights glowing on the card and, interestingly, the video shows both red and green lights, where red generally denotes its biggest rival AMD.

Specifications is one aspect of the TITAN X Collector’s Edition that we know nothing about. Considering the past TITAN-series cards, the Collector’s Edition will bring some of the best specifications to the table and will also be priced accordingly. It should be priced quite a bit above the mark that other high-end Nvidia cards have set. We shall share any information about the TITAN X Collector’s Edition as and when it starts coming in.


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