NVIDIA on Friday introduced a new driver for the Tesla 354.70 GPU driver. The driver comes with the latest M4 GPU model, and might have any number of performance and stability improvements.


The company has released a list of specific GPUs that the driver is compatible with, and these include the K80, the K40c, the K40m, the K40s, the K20Xm, the K20s, the K20c, and all of the K8 versions. Other than this, they are supported by some of the C series GPUs, including C2075, C2070, and the C2050 versions. Furthermore, several of the X- and M-series of GPUs are also supported by the driver, including the X2090, the X2070, the M 2070-Q, the N2070, the M2075, the M60, M40, the M6 and M4.

Other than a suitable GPU, you also need to have a suitable version of Windows. Versions older than Windows 7 are not supported by this driver, apart from the server 2008 R2, and the server 2012 R2.  Users should check the compatibility of their GPUs before they install the driver.

The installation instructions of the driver are simple: once you are sure that your CPU is valid and you have an appropriate operating system, simply download the executable file from below source link, and run it. You will probably be asked to reboot your computer for the hardware changes to take effect, but if another process in your computer prevents this from happening, it’s a good idea to stop it and do it yourself. Follow us for more updates on new releases.


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