Numerous reports have surfaced over the internet claiming the launch of NVIDIA Shield 2nd Gen at CES 2017. Two NVIDIA Shield are expected to be unearthed with a slightly redesigned game controller.

Nvidia Shield 2nd Gen

The latest NVIDIA Shield 2nd Gen consoles will come in two sizes, however, the information on that is not available yet. If you remember, even the first generation products came in two variants, one with 16GB of storage and the other with 500GB. But, both of them shared the same size.

Right now, the first generation consoles are out of stock, giving fuel to the rumors that new NVIDIA Shield TV game consoles are coming. The possibility of outing fresh NVIDIA Shield 2nd Gen consoles at CES 2017 was reported by Android Police.

Nintendo Switch, the disguised Nvidia Shield?

Nintendo too is scheduled to release Nintendo Switch in March 2017. The specs for the same leaked some time ago, and critics claimed it is effectively a Nvidia Shield with few tweaks here and there. Nintendo Switch will be powered by Nvidia Tegra X1, the same chipset to power the upcoming Shield Android TV box, reported Eurogamer.

For those who don’t know, Nvidia Shield is a handheld game console developed by Nvidia, first released in July 2013. It runs on Android Lollipop 5.1, featuring a flip 130mm (5-inch) touchscreen display with 1280×720 resolution. The Shield Portable is quite similar to Xbox 360 controller in looks and features a DualShock controller, with two analog joysticks, a D-pad, and other buttons.

The first generation Nvidia Shield was powered by Nvidia Tegra K1, so the soon to be announced Nintendo Switch will be twice as powerful in terms of GPU. Come Jan. 2017, Nintendo will clear all the details about Nintendo Switch.

Watch the video below and let us know which console wins your vote and why in the comments section below.


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