Nvidia officially introduced its brand spanking new GameWorks API that late last week (subsequently bringing smiles to a lot of faces out there). While the company initially displayed the preview of the “ultra” low-level API only, it is expected to demo the whole thing on GTC 2016.


If you remember, the company recently made available its GameWorks SDK and libraries in the public domain which was seen by many as a prelude to the new move.

Admittedly, details on the new API is still pretty scarce. In fact, we don’t even know exactly what the phrase “ultra” low level is supposed to imply.

As noted by Usman Pirzada of WCCF Tech, the chip giant is not willing to divulge too many details at this juncture.

Worth noting, Nvidia had created a lot of buzz in the industry recently by joining the widely celebrated open-source movement.

If the word in the street is to believed, the new ultra low-level API is likely to be 100 per cent open-source and the source code will be probably made available in GitHub sometime in Q4 2016.

Nvidia is currently preparing the developer preview phase which is scheduled to make its debut at the forthcoming GTC 2016. One of the most notable features of the GameWorks API is that it offers what the company claims to be a “seamless integration” with DirectX 12, and 80 per cent more effective.


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