As a successor to NVIDIA’s most well-acclaimed Maxwell Architecture comes the Pascal. While the company has told us that there is a project underway for manufacturing the Pascal Series of GPUs set for release this year, rumours on the internet say that release dates and prices are now available. This coupled up with the recent news of four NVIDIA Pascal cards being spotted during shipping on their way to India for testing purposes gives an idea of the extent to which development of the GPUs has proceeded.


Price and Launch Date

The release date for NVIDIA Pascal is likely to be the fourth quarter of this year i.e. Oct to Dec. There is no indication of its release before said period of time, and there are also no specific ideas on the price of the gadget either. All we can tell you at this point is that GPUs of similar specifications from the company have cost anywhere from £100 to £900. Also, no matter what your requirements are, chances are that a project this big would involve the manufacture of a GPU to suit it. Hence, if you’re looking to lay your hands on one of these babies, consider starting to save money now.


As expected, the Pascal Series will make use of the latest 16 nm finFET technology for its fabrication as compared to the Maxwell architecture that uses the 28nm technology. The devices will also use the Mixed Precision Floating Point Consumption (or FP16) which further increases its speed and power. Finally, the memory included in the gadget will be high bandwidth, meaning that this series of GPUs will have more power, more flexibility, and more stability than all preceding GPU architectures.

While the release of the GPU is still several months away, we will keep giving you updates as and when new information becomes available.


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