NVIDIA has might be about to launch the GTX 1080, possibly the most power efficient and fastest GPU to date. The GTX 1080 sports NVIDIA’s latest Pascal architecture, spearheaded by the flagship GP100. The company is set to release their flagship at the GTC 2016, but we have information that the GTX 1080 launch might happen as early as this may!


The GPU features GP104 core, although the naming of the GPU is not yet clear. Experts are ruminating on whether it would have the typical 1000 series naming or if the company will replace it for something that is simpler to remember. In any case, the GTX 1080 will flaunt 8GB of GDDR5 Memory, bringing the capacity of these cards to as high as AMD’s best RAdeon R9 390. The R9 390 as quite a hit among the gamers of the world because of the great return on investment they offer in terms of performance to price ratio.

Coming to how we expect the GPU to perform, here is supposed to be around 16 GB of HBM2 memory to the GP100, while the  HPC variants of the card will have as much as 32 GB of HBM2. When it comes to the HMB2 memory, it is known that Samsung is working together with NVIDIA and that cards incorporating this technology have already begun production this year. If the rumour is correct, then the GTX 1080 will start shipping as early as 27th May. We are awaiting eagerly to witness its performance ourselves.


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