Nvidia today officially launched its new flagship video card, Titan X (Pascal). Design slightly varies from Titan X (Maxwell) , bringing the new polygonal design, with the same branding on the front.

Titan X (pascal) 4

Interesting thing is that GeForce GTX branding is present on the side since Titan cards should officially be no part of the GeForce family. When we add to that the same name, potential buyers might get a bit confused, but the price removes all potential identity problems. At $1200 new Titan X is $200 more expensive than the last year’s model, which now costs “just” $1000.

Titan X (pascal)

Titan X (pascal) 2

Let’s compare the old and the new Titan X; specs of the last year model are shown in brackets. The new card comes with 3584 CUDA cores (3072 CUDA cores), 224 TMUs (192), and 96 ROPs (96). The card has a computational power of 10.97 TFLOPs (6.69 TFLOPs), has 12GB of GDDR5X memory (12GB GDDR5) with an effective memory clock of 10 GHz (7 GHz), and 384-bit (384-bit) memory bus width. Memory bandwidth is incredible 480 GB/s (337 GB/s), with a base clock of 1417 MHz (1000 MHz), and boost clock of 1531 MHz (1089 MHz). TDP is respectable 250W (250W) and the card is powered with one 6pin plus one 8pin power connector (6+8pin).

Titan X (pascal) 3

Image Courtesy: Videocardz.com

Also, the first Titan X (Pascal) drivers are already published, and while they are not the official drivers from Nvidia, there should be no problem with them running with the new card. It’s interesting to see that even Nvidia realized that the new card’s name might be confusing, as you can see that the full name of the card is NVIDIA TITAN X (Pascal).

  • NVIDIA_DEV.1B00 = “NVIDIA TITAN X (Pascal)”
  • NVIDIA_DEV.1B80 = “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080”
  • NVIDIA_DEV.1B81 = “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070”
  • NVIDIA_DEV.1C03 = “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB”

The leaked list from AIDA 64 shows that the new card is based on GP102 GPU, and it seems that there are many variations of the chip ( two of them are Quadro Q6000 and Quadro Q5000).

  • 1B00 Graphics Device (‎GP102-A)
  • 1B01 Graphics Device (GP102-A)
  • 1B30 Graphics Device (GP102GL-A)
  • 1B38 Graphics Device (GP102GL-A)
  • 1B3E Graphics Device (GP102GL-A)
  • 1B40 Graphics Device (GP102-B)
  • 1B41 Graphics Device (GP102-B)
  • 1B6E Graphics Device (GP102-B)
  • 1B6F Graphics Device (GP102-B)
  • 1B70 Graphics Device (GP102GL-B)
  • 1B78 Graphics Device (GP102GL-B)


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