Okay, so the NVIDIA GTX 1080 FireStrike scores are out. The 3DMark overclocking scores of the GTX 1080 have been leaked on the web and are spreading around like fire. That’s because the new graphics card is a beast of a performer. In the new leak, you can see the comparison between the 1080 and other cards.

The NVIDIA GTX 1080 was running at a clock rate of 2114 MHz during the test, and there’s a difference of 381 MHz when you compare it with the stock 1733 MHz boost rate. The new GTX card is based on Pascal GP104 and is the first of it to uncover its true power. The performance boost is significant, and you can see it beat the other cards by a large margin.

When compared to the GTX TITAN X’s stock performance, the GTX 1080 performs 152% better in FireStrike Performance and 161% better in both FireStrike Extreme and FireStrike Ultra. Check out the performance figures and see the power of the GTX 1080 for yourself.







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