MSI and ASUS have unveiled a couple of custom GTX 1080 and GTX 1060 cards. The two models use faster memory – the two manufacturers choose 11 Gbps G5X memory for the GTX 1080 model, and the fastest GDDR5 memory for the GTX 1060. The updated design comes from NVidia, which decided to freshen up the memory of the two models.

While using a bit faster memory won’t bring a huge rise in performance, gaming enthusiasts will notice a slight performance gain, especially those who like to OC their hardware. The GTX 1060 should provide a 216 GB/s memory bandwidth with the new memory (compared to the original 192.2 GB/s bandwidth), while the GTX 1080 should provide a bandwidth of 352 GB/s (the original bandwidth was 320 GB/s).

In other news, after releasing the updated designs for its two video cards, NVidia plans to reduce the price for its high-end video card (after the release of the 1080 Ti) and the new recommended price for the GTX 1080 should be $499, a noticeable drop from the original price of $599.

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As for the cards, the 1080 is clocked at 1607 MHz base and 1733 MHz boost and is capable of extreme overclock. As for the GTX 1060, it features the same base and boost clocks (1506 MHz and 1708 MHz, respectively), and is also ready for high overclock. The updated GTX 1080 and GTX 1060 models should launch in April.