After the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070, Nvidia has got the GeForce GTX 1060 lined up for those who want a less costly card with good performance. Some new info has been leaked out today at Videocardz. Let’s check them out.

GTX 1060 is getting new models; a couple of manufacturers showed their takes on the newest mid-tier chip from Nvidia. It seems that the GTX 1060 will come in numerous flavors.

EVGA GTX 1060 Models


Firstly, you should take a look at the new models coming from EVGA. Both cards are made in Mini-ITX form and have single 6-pin power connectors. Although two models look pretty much the same, one of them will sport a referent clock, while another, called “Superclocked” will obviously be factory overclocked, but the clock speed is unknown at the moment.

New GTX 1060 Cards From Colorful

GTX 1060 U-Top/Image Credit:
GTX 1060 U-TOP/Image Credit:

Colorful plans to bring four different models of GTX 1060, all members of their new iGame 1060 series. AS said, new card series will sport four members – Colorful iGameGTX1060 X-TOP-6G( sporting a core clock of 1620Mhz, and 1847Mhz Boost clock), Colorful iGameGTX1060 S-TOP-6G (1594Mhz core clock, 1809Mhz Boost clock), Colorful iGameGTX1060 U-TOP-6G (1594Mhz core clock, 1809Mhz Boost clock), and Colorful iGameGTX1060 U-6G ( 1556Mhz core clock and 1771Mhz Boost clock).

GTX 1060 X-TOP/Image Credit:
GTX 1060 X-TOP/Image Credit:

All cards sport 6 gigs of video RAM, X-TOP and U-TOP have a custom 5+2 phase IPP power supply, as well as two 6-pin power connectors (as opposed to regular one 6-pin connector found on reference model).

GTX 1060 Game Benchmarks

One Chinese manufacturer published GTX 1060 scores in a couple of games. Below you can see FPS scores in Just Cause 3, Overwatch, and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

GTX 1060 Just Cause 3

GTX 1060 Overwatch

GTX 1060 Tomb Raider

GTX 1060 and Radeon RX 480 Time Spy Benchmark Scores

GTX time spy 1

Latest DX12 benchmark software from 3DMark, called Time Spy, has arrived; PCEVA already published the first benchmark results. Aside GTX 1060 and Radeon RX 480, the charts show R9 Fury and GTX 1080, flagship models from AMD and Nvidia, as well as GTX 1070 (but only on two graphs below). While GTX 1080 has the upper hand on all presets, it’s interesting to see that both RX 480 and GTX 1060 came really close to the score R9 Fury achieved. On the chart above you can see just graphics scores, while on the two charts below, both graphics and overall scores are shown. Tests were performed on two different CPUs, and you can notice that scores gained with i7 6950X are a bit higher than those gained using i7 6700K, which is expected.

GTX time spy 2

GTX time spy 3