Nvidia’s 364.47 drivers have been problematic, to say the least. Users across a wide range of systems have been reporting a number of problems, including audio issues, computer crashes and black screens. There are whole bunch of theories going on around on why, but long story short, it’s a complete mess. Thankfully, Nvidia appears to have fixed things now.

The Division

The fixed driver bears the version number 364.51, and is currently in beta. Nvidia claims this updated beta driver should fix the previous driver’s problems and has recommended affected users to either use the beta driver, or to wait for the WHQL-certified version of the driver later. Other than that, Nvidia recommends uninstalling the current driver, 364.47, using Windows’ safe mode.

The 364.47 driver was originally intended to make Tom Clancy’s The Division run as smoothly as possible, but problems soon became apparent with the driver. According to some users, these problems may have been caused by upgraded versions of Windows 10, or multiple monitor set-ups.

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