Beware all you Nvidia GeForce users out there – the latest 364.72 Game Ready drivers suffers from some major issues that could potentially damage your PC, or Windows installation, or both, according to a new report.

GeForce forums across the web alongside Reddit and a number of other platforms have already been flooded with numerous complaints from disgruntled users in the past couple of days since the release of the Game Ready 364.72 driver.


If you happen to be a Nvidia graphics card user, it is strictly recommended that you exercise precaution before installing the new driver.

Apparently, based on the complaints appearing on various forums, users have been experiencing a whole range of issues since the installation. While some were coping with boot failure, and frequent crashes, others were complaining about BSOD crashes, flickering, visual distortion, freezing, gray and green screen artifacting, as well as DSR scaling issues.

Worse still, in some cases GeForce GTX cards have reportedly suffered serious damages.

In the event you already installed the new drivers and currently experiencing issues, it is recommended that you try and remove the Game Ready 364.72 using a driver removal tool such as the Display Driver Uninstaller. Alternatively, you can also get rid of the driver in safe mode.


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