Remember the good old days when there were text messages and we used to send smileys? Well, SMS has been replaced by WhatsApp, and emojis have almost completely replaced smileys. If you love emojis and use a lot of them, then you definitely must have got bored with the same old emojis on your phone. Well, its time to give them an upgrade with Textra.

new emojis on android with textra

Textra free Android app offers you over 1600 emojis, including all the latest ones. The app is used by thousands of people and offers great emojis in stock SMS as well as other messaging apps. The app has received a new update today that bumps up the version to 3.13 (31392). The new Textra 3.13 APK is 5.68 MB in size and is compatible with Android 4.0.3.

For those who use Textra Emoji, here are the changes that the new Textra 3.13 update brings. It provides all the latest emojis even on the older Lollipop and KitKat phones. All the Android style emojis now get skin tone choices. Manufacturer styled emojis, like in Samsung phones, can now be replaced with the latest Android emojis. A new style called Emoji One has been added to the Textra app. All the latest emojis are supported for Twitter style. Apart from these additions, the Textra 3.13 APK free download gets bug fixes.

You can download Textra 3.13 APK free from the Play Store or from mirror sites like


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