Due to acquisition deal with Microsoft, Nokia is not permitted to make its own smartphones till year 2016. However, they are not prohibited to put their name on other types of mobile devices.  That is the main reason we got a tiny bit surprised by its own Android-powered tablet, the Nokia N1, just recently, as it doesn’t infringe in the acquisition deal at all.

Nokia just developed it, yet the real producer is no other than Foxconn (Foxconn Technology Group, is a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturing company). It comes without stating that the Nokia N1 is a fairly serious tip about the future of Nokia following the prohibition clause. Certainly, this carries a smartphone or two (which will likely make the rounds in 2016), and we might have only caught a glimpse of one of Nokia’s first Android smartphone.

A picture moving around reveals so-called Nokia C1 Android phone. It somewhat gives a resemble look to N1 tablet.

Rumoured Specs of Nokia C1 Android Phone

5.0 inch Display.

Intel made Chipset.

Nokia Z launcher.

2 GB of RAM.

32 GB built in Storage.

8 Megapixels Rear Camera.

5 Megapixels Front Facing Camera.

Rumoured photo of Nokia C1 Android Phone

nokia c1 android phone

Logically it would not be wrong saying that Nokia C1 might be produced by Foxconn or sometimes other third party manufacturers. Still, the time demands some wait and we should take all the details of handset with a grain of salt.

How do you consider this rumour? Do you believe we are about to receive Nokia C1 Android Phone? Give your opinion!!


Oh! this is all fake! In fact, this is a concept phone created by a Nokia fan. Check better quality image below.

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