Nokia, the Finnish mobile device giant, has announced that it shall be present this month at the Mobile World Conference 2016. Naturally, fans of Nokia products might jump up, expecting the release of a new handset, but they will be disappointed. The company, which recently touched base with Android in addition to the erstwhile monopolized Windows Phone to their devices, will not be announcing any new android phones this session. However, it will talk about a handful of new projects that are underway in their firm and has provided us with a list of them.


While the less informed among us might think from the company’s recent low profile that they are no longer a big deal in the tech world are misinformed. Nokia has recently shifted its focus from handsets alone to also encompass network infrastructure, pretty much in the same way Huawei has. Among the products the company will alight on at the MWC are the Netguard Security Management Software, an antivirus with extended functionality that they have developed.

Nokia has recently acquired the company Alcatel Lucent, also a provider of smartphones, to strengthen its cores in mobile manufacturing. However, the company is not expected to release new phones until late into the year. However, one of the most important things that the company will discuss in the MWC is the LTE Advanced-Pro project. This project involves the development of an algorithm that doubles upload speeds and triples download speeds without the requirement of new network accessories, a spokesperson of Nokia said.


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