HMD Global, the owners of “Nokia” brand for mobile, has enjoyed great success in China with their first android offering Nokia 6. The global variant of the same, along with Nokia 5, Nokia 3 and Nokia 3310 were first spotted at an MWC 2017 event in Barcelona earlier this year. And now, it seems the new Nokia android smartphones are ready to taste the international waters.

Nokia 5

As reported by Nokia Power User, Nokia 5, Nokia 3 and Nokia 3310 can now be pre-ordered in the UK from the popular mobile retail chain, Clove Technology. However, the orders will be fulfilled a little later.

The OEM is also expected to collaborate with Carphone Warehouse to carry the Nokia 6 exclusively in the country. But, the details on this topic are sparse for the time being.

Nokia 6, 5, 3, and 3310 Launch in India?

In case you live in India, and eagerly waiting for the release of Nokia offerings, we are glad to inform that recent reports point to May-end or June release for all Nokia mobiles in India.

Another important piece of information is regarding the price of Nokia phones in the country. It is expected that all Nokia smartphones and feature phones will carry a lower price tag in comparison to other markets around the world. The reason we say this is because all Nokia phones will be assembled here, resulting in less taxation and relaxation in Custom Duty charges.

Right now, the pricing chart circulated over the internet depicts the following picture for Nokia offerings:

  • Nokia 6 Price – €229 (approx. $243/Rs.16,183)
  • Nokia 5 Price – €189 (approx. $200/Rs.13,357)
  • Nokia 3 Price – €139 (approx. $147/Rs.9824)
  • Nokia 3310 Price – €49(roughly $52/Rs.3,464)

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But, we still believe that actual pricing in India will be a little less than the one mentioned above. Just to point out, Nokia 3310 is a feature phone and is a redesigned variant of the iconic Nokia 3310 from the past.