Microsoft finally rolled out the much-awaited Windows 10 Mobile update for existing Windows Phone devices yesterday.

Ever since the company first announced that only some Windows Phone 8.1 devices would qualify for this update, questions have loomed about the required specs for the update. There were rumors that devices with 512MB RAM would be excluded from the list of devices compatible with the update.


Ending all the speculations, the Redmond, Washington-based software giant has finally published the initial list of supported devices for the Windows 10 upgrade.

Unfortunately for those with devices having 512MB of RAM, Microsoft has categorically mentioned that the company has no plan whatsoever to bring them the Windows 10 Mobile experience.

This is evident from the official list of Windows 10 Mobile compatible devices too. All the devices that made it to the list, including the Lunia 635, 636, and 638 – these all have 1GB RAM (although there were some confusions because these devices are also available in variants with 512MB RAM).

While some users might argue that a number of devices were successfully running Windows 10 Mobile as part of the Windows Insider program, it is also true that the company had to draw the line somewhere.

Also, this is also possible that Microsoft, during the beta testing, figured out that a lot of devices running with 512 MB RAM were simply incapable of delivering a smooth, flawless Windows 10 Mobile experience that the company had hoped for.


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