No Man’s Sky update 1.08 has fixed some problems but introduced new ones. We went over to Reddit to see the community response to Hello Game’s new attempt at damage control. It doesn’t look pretty. We’ll give you a run down of all the new bug fixes as well as new bugs that have now been introduced by No Man’s Sky update 1.08.

no man's sky update 1.08
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No Man’s Sky 1.08 messed up the Atlas path

Some users are claiming the patch messed up with the Atlas path on their Galactic map. The Atlas path is a choice offered in the beginning of the game. Atlas Passes come in three types: Atlas Pass v3, v2, and v1, with v3 allowing access to the widest range of locked doors.

Game no longer freezes on saving

This is a welcome change. Just imagine losing all your loot after you try to save your game and it freezes. The opening galaxy scene is also much smoother.

Lock on feature has been nerfed

Lock on is harder during space battles now. Also, user waypoints on the space maps have also disappeared. Thanks! Sean.

no man's sky update 1.08

New puzzles in the transmission tower

Transmission tower now features some new puzzles to solve. This is a refreshing change and makes the gameplay less tedious than before.

The word “Putin” has been blocked by the profanity filter

In french, Putin refers to whore but the exact French word is Putain and not Putin. So, maybe Hello Games has issues with the current Russian President?

No Man’s Sky Update 1.08 has removed the path leading to the center of the galaxy

A Reddit user says he had to look for a space anomaly to refresh his galactic map for the orange line to show up.


It’s the 8th update and they still can’t completely fix the problem. It’s visibly annoying to many people and needs to be addressed. Expect more updates from Hello Games other than this No Man’s Sky update 1.08.

Random stuff has started exploding in the game

Like literally when you walk a few meters some stuff explodes for no reason. This didn’t happen before but, after No Man’s Sky update 1.08, it suddenly started happening. Check out the video below.

How has your game experience been since No Man’s Sky update 1.08? Let us know in the comments. No Man’s Sky was also updated for the PS4 to address lingering issues.


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