In case you are hibernating, we’ll initiate No Man’s Sky for you. It’s an action-adventure survival video game developed and published by the indie studio Hello Games for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. This game was released worldwide in August 2016 and the gameplay is built on four fundamental pillars – exploration, survival, combat and trading. In a virtual universe, you take the role of planetary explorer and start on a random planet at the edge of the universe. All you have to do then do is survive, fight, explore and trade.

This is also a game that requires a lot of material gathering to enhance or upgrade your equipment. Omegon or Om, is one of these. It’s a very important material that’s required to upgrade the player’s ship, Exosuit and Jetpack. An extremely dark element but very powerful. You may have to spend a fortune for Omegon. But there are other ways of getting exotic materials. What’s however of concern is that Omegon is invisible in the scanner and there are no known mining locations for this exquisite dark material. It’s mostly found on radioactive planets and glows purple and is seen floating upon the ground.

Make the animal happy (image source: the
Make the animal happy (image source:

Since Omegon often falls to pieces or starts rolling even on flat land, to extract the Omegon, players must create a hole using grenade launcher beneath the Omegon. One of the methods to locate precious ships is to do the Bypass Chip farming, find the Transmission Towers that point to the crashed ships and gather the upgrade from the crashed ships. One other way is to visit higher tier star systems to find rare loot. But this requires a higher level jump drive tech. If you are generous, feeding the animals will help you in locating rare substances.

As the bit bag reports, the whole idea here is to make an animal happy by feeding it. When exactly do you know if the animal is happy? By seeing a smiley face appear on the animal :). Once you make the animal happy and the smiley face appears, all you have to do is to follow the animal for about 30 seconds. And then a magnifying glass waypoint appears. This shows you the way to locate possible exotic substance. Even docile animals that tend to run away from you can be fed. You must walk up to them and hold the button when the reticule is over them. Once they stop running, you may be required to do this twice.

If you salvage the old parts of the ship before moving to the new one, you will get approximately 300 Omegon if you do this 5 times. The bottom line: In this game, all materials are important. Make sure you don’t leave anything behind when you transfer ships. And common sense tells you that important materials shouldn’t be sold.

When you start the No Man’s Sky Atlas Path, it lets you travel to Atlas Stations and collect Atlas Stone. As you collect, you will also get some understanding of the game’s lore. However, many have been left confused about the ending of the game – no pop-up notification, no further instructions on what to do and no clear end in sight after fulfilling the mission. Check out our guide on what you can do next after you hit this point in the game.