No Man’s Sky is only weeks away, and thankfully there are no more delays in store for the game. Developer Hello Games have announced that the game has gone gold, which means that development on the game has ceased and been completed. The developers – and fans – are now waiting for the game to actually launch on its planned release date: August 9th in North America, and August 10th in Europe (including the United Kingdom, no matter what Brexit supporters say). The release platforms are, as before, PC (Windows only) and PlayStation 4.

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky is set in a procedurally generated universe, and it includes well over 18 quintillion planets. Players will participate in a shared game universe, but bear in mind that the sheer size of the universe would mean that two players meeting each other would be a very rare experience indeed. The planets of No Man’s Sky will be realistically divided into those that support life and those that do not, with the planets that do support life being home to a number of flora and fauna.

After its initial announcement at the 2013 VGX awards, No Man’s Sky has been pushed back a few times, its release date being bumped from one year into the next. The most recent delay saw the game being pushed from July to August, a decision that caused the developer to receive death threats.

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