If you’re a Brit and you’re waiting for No Man’s Sky to launch, your wait has been reduced just a teensy bit. You can probably stop penning those death threats now, too. PlayStation UK has announced on their Twitter that they have been working with retailers to bring the game’s release date forward so that it will launch on August 10th – the same date as the rest of Europe.

No Man's Sky

The game is still slated to launch on the original August 12th date on the PC for the United Kingdom, while the rest of the EU will get the game earlier on August 10th, and North Americans will get the game on August 9th. It makes me wonder if this is going to make undecided Brits go for a PS4 version of the game over the PC version, if it means playing a couple days earlier. Staggered releases suck, I guess that’s what we can all agree upon.

No Man’s Sky was originally scheduled for release later in June, but was delayed by developer Hello Games as they look to make the experience just right and polish “key moments” in the game. The game has seen quite a few delays at this point, so it would make sense that fans are a tad frustrated by it. Are you a Brit? Will you be getting the game on PS4 or PC? Let us know in the comments below.


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