Yes, No Man’s Sky was a really bad game and it’s not a mystery anymore. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised when you see so many No Man’s Sky refund requests on both Steam and PS4. Turns out the original Reddit posts claiming players getting refunds on the game after more than 2 hours and even after 50 hours isn’t entirely true. A former Sony executive, Shahid Ahmed, has now confirmed No Man’s Sky refunds on PS4 Steam.

no man's sky refunds
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Former Sony Exec Blasts Players for No Man’s Sky Refund

No Man’s Sky refunds are not the only thing making rounds. It turns out Shahid Ahmed thinks anyone claiming a refund after 50 hours of gameplay is a thief. Those are definitely harsh words and appear to exaggerate the conundrum that is No Man’s Sky.

While it can definitely be argued that the game is a work of art and not simply a “factory product” as Shahid mentions in a tweet, it is also important to note that if a game is so broken that it won’t even boot up then the buyer definitely deserves a refund.

Shahid Ahmed got into a huge twitter row over his statement. “I’ll say it again. 50 hours. How long do they need, 5 billion hours? They still wouldn’t have seen it all.” He would later on say that in his entire life he had never asked for a refund. “As a customer and a player before I was ever a developer, I’d only have asked for my money back if the game was broken at boot time.”

No Man’s Sky was released in August of this year and had severe issues on launch, particularly on the PC. Only recently the player base for the game dropped by nearly 90%. For more news regarding No Man’s Sky and more stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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