No Man’s Sky is out now on the PS4. Unless you got a PS4 copy before release, you’re probably new to the game’s vast universe. In that case, a bit of a pick-me-up might be very handy. This guide covers a few of the basics that you should know when you get to playing No Man’s Sky. Specifically, we’ll be covering how to rename planets, discover new species, get Units, get Carite Sheet and Hyperdrive, find Heridium and survive toxic and hazardous environments.

No Man's Sky

Renaming planets is something you’ll want to do to add a bit of colour and personalisation to the galaxy of No Man’s Sky. Every time you discover a new planet, star system, species of point of interest, you can choose to upload that data to instantly get Units. Alternately, you can rename them. To do so, press the Options button to head to the Discoveries menu. There, hover over whatever it is that you want to rename, and hold triangle to rename it.

Discovering new species is not as straightforward as spotting them in the world. First, you need to bring up your Analysis Visor by pressing on the touchscreen and pressing L1 or R1 to bring up the Multi-Tool. Assign the Analysis Visor to an empty slot, and then exit the menu screen. Next, press L2 and scan animals using the Analysis Visor. This will snag you Units, and you’ll also be able to rename them.

Get Units quick by stocking up on Plutonium. This resource sells really well, despite being very easy to obtain. Remember to use the triangle key to send the Plutonium back to your ship. Once you’re done, sell it off to a trader at a space station or outpost for profit.

Carite Sheet is an item that’s required for the Pulse Engine. To make Carite Sheet, you require iron, which you should get to collecting. Then, press the touchpad, press L1 or R1 to select the ExoSuit, hover over an empty slot and press square to bring up the crafting menu. Here, press X over what you need to build. You can craft other things in the same way, including a Hyperdrive.

Heridium may not be as common as iron or plutonium, but you will need it to repair your pulse Engine. Press L3 to activate your scanning tool, and you should get a marker on screen that points you towards a nearby Heridium deposit. Head over and get to extracting it.

Surviving toxic and hazardous environments is no piece of cake. You have a Hazard Protection Suit, but it requires charging. To do that, you will require Zinc, Titanium and Shielding Shards. Once you have these, press the touchpad, then L1 or R1 to select your ExoSuit. However over Hazard Protection, and press X to recharge it. Remember to get charged before you go wandering off into any hazardous area. One smart idea is to stick to caves, as they shield you from hazardous conditions (for some reason).

Got any tips and tricks of your own? Let us know in the comments below.


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