No Man’s Sky appears to have gone up for pre-order on the PS4, despite having no official release date yet. The game is listed at $59.99, which is fairly standard fare for a AAA game (although certainly not standard fare for an indie game), and you can officially start pre-ordering it tomorrow, on the 3rd of March.


The game can be seen listed on the PlayStation Blog, and is reportedly also showing up on the PlayStation Store. While it should also be available on via Amazon, it’s currently showing up as “Unavailable”.

No Man’s Sky is also scheduled for release on the PC, and has its own Steam page up, but it does not list a price. The game will not be coming to the Xbox One.

No Man’s Sky is developed by Hello Games, developers of the Joe Danger series, and is one of the year’s most highly anticipated titles. Featuring an enormous, procedurally generated galaxy to explore, complete with life-sized planets that can be populated by lifeforms. Players explore the galaxy, trying to get to its core while upgrading their ship and naming planets and animals as they go along.

Are you hyped for No Man’s Sky? Are you going to pre-order it? Let us know in the comments below.

[Update] It seems somebody at Sony jumped the gun. The game has been pulled from both the PlayStation Store and the Sony Blog. Seeing as original listing said that the game will be available for pre-order starting the 3rd of March, we think it might just go live again tomorrow.

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Sorry for getting your hopes up, No Man’s Sky fans!