#7 Should I Buy it on Release Day?

And here’s the big question at last. Should you buy it? Conventional wisdom says not to pre-order anything and to wait for reviews first. It’s presently not clear when the game’s review embargo ends, meaning we don’t know whether the reviews will go up before or after the game releases. Considering the game’s shared universe multiplayer nature, the game may not have any pre-release reviews at all. We’ll just have to wait and watch closer to the release date and see.

No Man's Sky

As for the game – it looks ambitious, beautiful and expansive, and those of you looking to explore the far reaches of space should find it a no-brainer. The ship replica in the Explorer’s Edition looks absolutely brilliant, and the game’s art makes me want that art book from the game’s Limited Edition. Apart from those though, the Pre-Order bonuses don’t look all that exciting (you will eventually get better ships in the game any way).

So should you buy the game on release day? My gut tells me no – wait it out, see how the game gets reviewed and received by the community. Boarding the hype train is always tempting, but there’s no reason to throw $59.99 when you don’t need to.


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