#5 Will There be a Beta or a Demo?

Demos and betas can give you a decent taste of the game before you buy it. Unfortunately, there are no indications at the moment regarding any betas or demos for the game. The best you’ll get when it comes to this game is gameplay demo videos, available online. Here’s one from PlayStation in which host Anthony Carboni plays the game alongside developer Sean Murray (and does a mostly terrible job of it).

#6 What are the PC Requirements?

The game’s PC system requirements have been revealed on Steam, and they’re not very scary at all. You will require a Windows 7 or higher OS, an Intel Core i3 or higher processor, 8 GB of RAM, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 graphics card or higher (no AMD equivalents have been suggested) and 10 gigabytes of available storage space. Of particular note is the very low storage space required – the game’s assets are procedurally generated on the most part, meaning very little storage space is needed.


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