#4 What are the Versions and Pre-Order Bonuses?

On the PC, No Man’s Sky comes in a standard edition, available digitally only, and a limited “Explorer’s Edition”, which is available exclusively from retailer iam8bit. The $60 standard edition has a pre-order bonus: you get the Horizon Omega ship to use in the game, granting you an upgraded hyper drive and increased firepower. You can buy it from Steam or GOG.com.


The Explorer’s Edition comes with a bunch of goodies: the PC Game Code itself (including the pre-order bonus above), an exclusive Traveller Pin, a cool-looking box, a Diorma Display Backdrop and a Ship Replica, made of cast metal and hand-painted, complete with decals for customisation. It retails at a whopping $149.99, and is limited to 10,000 copies.

On the PS4, the game will be available in the standard edition for $59.99, and pre-ordering this version will get you the Alpha Vector ship, which is loaded with lasers and has a powerful hyperdrive right at the start of the game. It is unclear how this ship compares to the ship PC players will be getting, the Horizon Omega.

PS4 players can alternately pre-order the Limited Edition of the game, which includes a SteelBook case, and a comic called Adventures in No Man’s Sky. It features contributions from Dave Gibbons, James Swallow and Angus McKie. There’s also a 48-page art book showing off the game’s concept art and a PS4 Dynamic Theme. Finally, you’ll get a bunch of bonus in-game DLC: Photonix Core advanced ship boost, Trader Charisma bonus set of advanced resources and Boltcaster SM weapon blueprint. This version of the game retails at $79.99.


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