No Man’s Sky is coming soon, and we’re excited to find out whether it will scratch that space exploration itch. Will it take us to where no man has ventured before, or will it come crashing down on some planet and disappear into obscurity? Here’s everything you need to know about the game’s release, capped off by whether or not you should pre-order the game or get it on release day.

No Man's Sky

#1 What Platforms is No Man’s Sky Releasing On?

No Man’s Sky is scheduled to release on the PC and PS4 only. Furthermore, the PC version will be limited to Windows, so Mac and Linux users are out of luck. Although Microsoft has expressed interest in No Man’s Sky for the Xbox One, developer Hello Games has made no indications whatsoever that an Xbox One version of the game is in development or even under consideration.

#2 When is the Release Date?

No Man’s Sky is scheduled to release on June 21st in North America. It will release in Europe a day later, on June 22nd. The UK and the rest of the world get the game last, on the 24th. This is a bit surprising, considering the game is developed in the United Kingdom itself. There are no indications of any retailers doing a midnight release for the game yet, so at this stage, if you intend to play the game as soon as it unlocks, digital is the way to go.

No Man's Sky

#3 What Time Does it Unlock?

Hello Games has not yet announced when the servers will go up or when the game will be unlocked. Steam and PlayStation Store currently do not list a time for release. The safest assumption in this case would be that the game is launching at 12:01 AM in the respective time zones of the release territories. For example, on the release day, June 21st, the game might unlock at 12:01 AM Eastern Time in the USA. On the British date, it would be 12:01 AM British Standard Time, and so on. Keep in mind that this is speculation and we might learn more about the release time as we get closer to the release.


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