We speculate about the next No Man’s Sky update. What it might be, and when it might drop. ALL of the this is pure speculation except the land vehicles being introduced. Because the props and game files are already in-game for them. Let us know down in the comments what you would like to see in the next No Man’s Sky update. And what changes you think Hello Games will make to the game. Or what you think they will ultimately do with the next updates.

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What can Hello Games introduce in the next No Man’s Sky update?

Will they fix portals and introduce multiplayer? How will the land vehicles work? Will they introduce more creature variations? Will we be able to see other players? There are so many questions and possibilities that Hello Games could go for with the future updates. And the future of No Man’s Sky. We’ll just have to wait and see. Let us know what you think down in the comments. Meanwhile, we have some of our own ideas.

We want to see climate changes somewhat based off the change in latitude. Cooler at the caps and hotter on the equator etc. Rainforest or forests, in general, can exist on a planet that also has deserts and large oceans. As it is every planet is one type and that gets boring.

Furthermore, we want to see a construction system that someone could create something outside their base. And when done, somehow tag it with Hello Games so that it becomes discoverable. Or better yet, promoted to people as they pass through that system. Perhaps show up as a point of interest automatically when someone enters that system. It’s a crafting game. Let’s craft then.

It would be fun if they could create a system that generates some missions or quests within a star system. Or nearby systems that people can venture off on. There is a procedural generation with just about everything else. So why not this?

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