No Mans Sky developers Hello Games have been cleared of false advertising allegations over the Steam store page by the ASA. But do you think it is justified?

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No Man’s Sky cleared of false advertisement allegations

Hello Games and Sean Murray did not mislead consumers with the ad for No Man’s Sky on the Steam page, according to the ASA. An actual full game was released without core elements that were promised. For instance, MULTIPLAYER was promised. Sure it was going to be extremely rare to find another player but two people did, well ‘did’ there are videos on it. Also, it is far from perfect, no game is perfect. Yes, they are updating it but they still lied to their fan base.

The game is not in beta as some players are suggesting. The beta version of a game is as close to perfect as the company can make it. But any bugs, glitches or other issues discovered in beta testing will usually be addressed before the game’s official release.

If the game was still in its beta stages or even considered by the devs to be, it would be in early access on Steam. Meaning the game identifies as a beta product so the people who purchase it know that not all of the features of the game are not yet implemented. An example of this is Subnautica. What people are so angry about is the fact the devs lied and purposely left things out. Because they didn’t expect anyone to encounter the same planets so soon. Anyways, let us know your thoughts on No Man’s Sky.


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