The Last Guardian looks just like what we would expect from Ueda. obviously, it’s gestated for years and that’s why it looks dated, but is there anything truly wrong with that? Yes, this should have come out some years ago, but obviously, Ueda, Sony, or someone wasn’t too keen on its success. But how is the game’s developer taking pointers from No Man’s Sky and will they be worth it?

no man's sky
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The Last Guardian is taking major pointers from No Man’s Sky

Some of our best and favorite games came out on previous platforms, and isn’t it refreshing to have something that isn’t another annual generic shooter, or open-world fetch-quest slog? Gaming is about experiences, about enjoyment. We think people forget that in this day and age, where every game seemingly has to be the second coming of Christ for people to be excited, what do you gain from hating on a game? If it isn’t for you, don’t play it. There’s no need to be attacking developers and others for liking the game, simply vote with your wallet.

But we understand some of the hate for the game centers around how the recent indie flop No Man’s Sky has had an effect on gamers. Also, the open world of Last Guardian and the exploration aspect takes a lot of inspiration from No Man’s Sky but is it a bad thing? This is one of those very rare games that has a beautiful and emotional story line and the main focus isn’t all about the puzzles. It is about the bond you form with Trico, your companion in a lonely place of ruins and temples you know nothing about, and helping one another.

If you ever played Ico (which was made by the same developer of this game and was a puzzle solving game) you would realize that the puzzles are a lot more complicated than just “simple”, especially on your first run through as you make your way through the game.


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