Hello Games are free to charge what they like for their games. You don’t have to buy it. The text in its product description at the point of sale could be regarded as constituting a promise of what features to expect in the initial release of the game. Whilst stuff that was mentioned in early interviews did no. Because games like No Man’s Sky change during their development for aesthetic, technical, or business reasons.

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Player anger over No Man’s Sky is unfounded

Quite how anyone felt duped into buying a game that they thought would be multiplayer. When the game was quite clearly marked as single-player on every shelf and website is a mystery to us. Presumably, people are in too much of a rush to read what it is that they are about to purchase. And in many cases blindly preorder before they have any proper idea what 99% of the gameplay entails. And that is the case with No Man’s Sky.

We have twitch.tv so there is no excuse for us to not use it to inform us about the content, quality, and stability of a game. We have mainly seen cool trailers that only show the 1% of the game’s best experiences. It is our responsibility to know as much as possible about a game’s true nature before we part with our money. And if our research shows it crashing on some extended twitch.tv live streams we should wait until the bugs are fixed. Before we even consider a purchase.

No matter how hyped we were for the game, we should wait. By waiting, we’ll get a stable version that may well be enhanced by additional free content at a far cheaper price than at launch. We all have backlogs of games that we have bought some months ago and are yet to start. We may as well give everything six months to shape up. And drop down in price and play the overlooked games that we already have which have themselves been fixed. And enhanced for free in most instances.

Source: Eurogamer


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