No Man’s Sky had a rocky start with as many as 216,000 players downloading and playing the game on Day One and now the daily user count has dropped to around 16,510 according to

The reviews reflected some concerning technical issues that plagued the game. These same issues had hit the console version but were not as severe as on PC with glitches and some barely able to make it past the initial splash screen. Some kept on running the game, despite being unable to go past the initial splash screen, so that they can give a piece of their mind in the reviews section.

However, this slip in the player count is not unusual of blockbuster titles. Games like FarCry Primal, DOOM and even Witcher 3 saw their player count drop by a nearly identical percentage. So, although No Man’s Sky player count drop is not unusual it’s definitely worth the scrutiny. Open world games are supposed to maintain a huge player count in their starting months and when you have an open world game like this with 20 Quintilian planets it goes to show how much there is a dearth of content.

And it’s no surprise that the player count dropped so much because the game had such a huge launch given what was promised by Sean Murray. However, a few hours into the game and players started to realize that this $60 “revolutionary” game was nothing more than a shallow survival game without any appreciable content. It’s another case of expectations surpassing the actual experience and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop here as it quickly dropped from the spot no. 1 to 2 in the UK charts.


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