The economy in No Man’s Sky is centred around a currency known as ‘units’. Needless to say, just like with real world money, units are what let you buy things. And of course, buying things allows you to upgrade your gear, and that means better stuff. Getting lots of units in a short amount of time can be a challenge, however. Here’s a trick that’s been floating around on the Internet that might help you score.

No Man's Sky

The BitBag reports that one of the best ways to make money fast is to find a planet that has Albumen Pearls and Gravitino Balls. These cost 27,500 Units each, so needless to say, they sell very well. To add to things, they appear in bunches, so you can get lots of them to sell very quickly.

You’ll also have to be careful, however. The first time you pick up an Albumen Pearl or Gravitino Ball, you’ll have Sentinels on your tail. Either fight them, or run. Once you have enough of these, trade them off and making boatloads (shiploads?) of Units. Seeing as the game has no multiplayer, all the Pearls and Balls are yours and yours alone to grab.

Know another way to make money really fast in No Man’s Sky? Let us know in the comments below.



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