No Man’s Sky has received its first major update, the Foundation update, and it’s buggy. But aside from that it actually adds a lot to the game. This occasion is momentous enough that even Sean Murray dusted off his Twitter to speak words again. Is it enough to make good for gamers or is it too late for that?

no man's sky update 1.09
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Is the new No Man’s Sky Foundation Update worth it?

All the problems they’ve created are from mistakes, not from bad intentions. And now that they’re actually showing more effort towards completing the game we’re feeling even more sorry for them, but also kind of hopeful that there’s a good ending to all this drama. Their mistakes shouldn’t be ignored, however, but at least we are seeing them trying to rectify their mistakes. They are an indie studio after all, we just hope this lesson doesn’t have to be learned again.

What does it add specifically? In addition to the welcome and significant changes made to the game’s gameplay, UI, generation, creatures, atmospherics, terrain, visuals, space, space combat, freighters, and audio, the highlight of the update is most definitely the addition of two new modes: Creative mode “allows players to explore the universe without limits, and build a huge base,” and Survival mode that “really changes the game, creating a much more challenging endurance experience.”

So, basically, this is No Man’s Sky’s Heartfire. That definitely won’t be enough for most people to come back to the game, but we guess it’s a start. Hopefully, they’ll add enough stuff back in through subsequent updates to justify the game’s rather steep asking price.


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