No Man’s Sky is an exploration game set in a vast galaxy of over 18 Quintilian planets. This is a game about travel, survival and commerce. It is backed by impressive tech that allows near seamless transition from ground to space. However, there are flaws that get in the way of the experience. There’s an intriguing narrative that puts your entire journey into context. Despite all of its shortcomings we don’t think the game deserves what’s coming to it next.

no man's sky
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No Man’s Sky advertisements could be removed in the future

“We will ensure the advertisers are made aware of any points relating to other marketing material under their control. The outcomes of ASA investigations are cross-applicable to other marketing making the same claims. So, any decision reached in relation to the Steam page would apply to other advertising for No Man’s Sky”

This was the response received by AzzerUK on Reddit. He further expands on it further.

“I can’t speak about other countries. But in the UK that are regulations about providing advertising material that could mislead a consumer in some way. Eg displaying things that do not, in fact, exist. The ASA say they have received a number of complaints, and so the points below are not necessarily all related to things I personally took issue with, but are the issues they have picked out at the most clear-cut problems from amongst all complaints.

In the ASA response, they say that both Hello Games and Valve have a joint responsibility, and so both organisations have now been contacted by the ASA and have been told to respond to the following issues which the ASA picked out as the primary issues (compiled from a number of complainants that contacted the ASA).”

no man's sky
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Let us know your thoughts about this No Man’s Sky news. We’ll keep you updated with more stuff related to the game like patch, updates and announcements by Hello Games.


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