It looks like Hello Games has lost one of their designers to another space exploration game. Gareth Bourn, a designer from Hello Games, has moved on to Foundry42 – the developer behind Star Citizen. What’s interesting about this move is that Star Citizen and No Man’s Sky are extremely similar games – except Star Citizen has a number of features that No Man’s Sky failed to deliver on. His move also brings into question the state of Hello Games in general.

no man's sky update 1.09
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What’s the future for No Man’s Sky and Hello Games now?

For us, the main difference between No Man’s Sky and Star Citizen is that the developers from Star Citizen constantly show you what they’re working on and actually allow you to play the game as it is being built. Sean Murray on the other hand just made promises or simply lied about features that were not going to be in the game but never showed much of anything.

Maybe No Man’s Sky was actually a ploy to make Star Citizen look way better by comparison? They used that massive budget to split a few people into a separate team to do NMS, it tanked, and now SC would be the game they intended to make from the beginning? Or maybe that’s just wild speculation on our part.

Chris Roberts is a self-admitted perfectionist and demands the impossible. Nms was just an attempt to be a low-budget exploration version of SC and failed, just like ED and a few other titles. SC isn’t even a game and hundreds of thousands are playing it. We understand a game in alpha is just vaporware to the masses but heads will turn when the game finally drops.

The whole game or Squadron 42 has not been delayed a number of times. They’ve been delayed once indefinitely after the backers asked that they focused on finishing the game when it was done and not rushing to meet some arbitrary deadline. A machination of publisher-based games that the whole crowd thinks is part of the decline of modern games.


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