Before you take the easy burn, no there’s not a mod that adds multiplayer. High hopes die hard, don’t they? Yet here we are broke and still wanting to live in a world that isn’t as trashy as No Man’s Sky. But there is hope for one group and that is the PC players. These are the best mods for the game that make your experience slightly better.

no man's sky
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No Man’s Sky mods – Low Flight

If you played the game for more than 10 minutes, you’ve probably been frustrated at how the game forces you to hover above the ground at a distance. This means no flying through low canyons and over waters. But this mod drastically reduces that distance.

No Rim Lighting

It will remove the game’s rim lighting. If you don’t know what rim lighting is, it basically applies a rounded glow to objects to give the overall terrain a colored outline. It has a functional purpose because it makes it easy to see depth or object boundaries. However, if you don’t like this effect, you can just apply this mod to remove rim lighting.

Reduced Launch Cost

This mod reduces the Plutonium cost for launching your ship from a planet’s surface. Dumping plutonium into your ship is the most annoying and meaningless grind in the game. So, we welcome this mod which reduces the time of this.

Fast Actions

This mod removes a lot of pointless waiting in the game’s interface. Basically, there’s a lot of annoying stuff in the game that just doesn’t need to happen but is still happening. This mod speeds up conversation text, scanner blips appear instantly and the click-to-hold radial menu disappears entirely.

Deep Space

This mod removes several graphical features and visual effects. This includes scan lines, depth of field, chromatic aberration and much more.

Let us know your thoughts on No Man’s Sky so far.


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