In this No Man’s Sky Ship guide, we’ll teach you how to get the maximum amount of slots in your ship. We realize that a lot of players might have reached the point where their inventory slots are all maxed out and their ship is about to max out too. So, a 48 slot ship (the maximum) is a necessity at this point. The 48 slot ship costs around 70 million units. Considering how buggy and self-destructive the game is even after so many updates, we figured we show you a neat trick to get such an expensive ship without spending a single unit. Here’s our No Man’s Sky 48 Slot Ship guide.

no man's sky 48 slot ship guide
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No Man’s Sky 48 Slot Ship guide – just follow these simple steps to get your free 48 slot ship

This way is a lot more enjoyable and doesn’t break your bank. It basically involves repairing crashed ships. Whenever you find a crashed ship, similar to your multi-tool, the amount of inventory slots and upgrades that are in it will depend on what you currently have. So, if you’re flying around in a 29 slot ship, the crashed ship you come across will have 30 slots.

Now you must be wondering: How do I find a crashed ship? Do I just fly around the whole planet looking for one? Not really. There’s a very easy way to find crashed ships.

  1. Craft a few bypass chips.

2. Fly around a little bit and try to find a beacon. They’re the little pillars with orange lights. When you find one, land there.

3. Get out of your ship and go up to the orange beacon.

4. Use the bypass chip. Click on Transmission. This will give you a transmission tower location (if it doesn’t, just try again with another bypass chip).

5. Fly to the transmission tower.

6. Go inside and there will be a console right in front of the little alien guy seated inside.

7. This will give you a number puzzle which is really easy to solve most of the time.

8. When you solve it correctly, it will give you a distress signal.

9. Follow the distress signal to a crashed ship. If the location is several minutes far away, leave the immediate atmosphere and chase the location from outer space to get there faster.

Make sure you have a lot of eridium and zinc in your inventory to repair the ship. The crashed ship will have more slots than your current ship (if not, repeat the previous process to find a new distress signal). Transfer your inventory to the ship.

Rinse and repeat. This might take you around 4 to 5 hours but it is definitely more interesting and less cumbersome than earning 70 million units. Let us know whether this No Man’s Sky 48 Slot Ship guide was helpful or not.


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