#9 There are No Loading Screens

You’d think a game with this much content would take a long time to load, but surprisingly, the game has no loading screens. This is once again thanks to the mathematical algorithm that generates the game’s content procedurally, on the fly. You can jump into hyperspace, drop out near a planet, fly into it, explore the whole planet, enter interiors, explore spaceships – go wherever and do whatever you like, with no loading screens getting in your way at all.

no man's sky

#10 Get to the Centre of the Galaxy

One burning question a lot of people have about No Man’s Sky is this: what is your goal in the game, really? Developers Hello Games are notoriously cagey about this, but their revealed answer is: get to the centre of it all. You will start the game on the fringes of a galaxy, and make you will have to make it to the centre of the galaxy. What will you find once you’re there? Who knows! Perhaps it will be a black hole that you’ll enter like in Interstellar? That would be pretty neat.


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