#7 How the Economy Works

I don’t fully understand how the economy works in real life, but how it works in No Man’s Sky is fairly straightforward. You get Units, which are your universal credits in the game. You can earn them in many ways: selling resources at trading posts, shooting down enemies and pirates, as well as discovering new planets, animals, plants, creatures and uploading your findings to the Atlas in the game. Merchant, warrior, explorer, all trades are accounted for in this game.

No Man's Sky

#8 You Can Meet Aliens and Learn Their Languages

Apart from all the animals you’re going to meet on the eighteen quintillion planets of No Man’s Sky, you’re also going to encounter intelligent species. After you meet them, you can trade resources with them, learn more of the game’s lore and forge alliances as well. To do all this, though, you need to learn their native language – for which you need to travel across the universe and learn to communicate with the species. This might even grant you preferential treatment, such as cheaper prices or better equipment. But if you blunder through their language, you might end up offending the species and they might end up ripping you off, or attacking you.


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