#3 You Can Explore Everywhere

There’s no place in No Man’s Sky that you can’t visit, and no invisible barriers, walls or sections. If you’re in space, you can travel in absolutely any direction you want to. If you see a planet, you can land on it – whichever part of the planet you want to land on. Exploration is the core of the game in No Man’s Sky, and this game is allowing you explore in a seemingly unprecedented scale.

No Man's Sky

#4 The Developers Used Virtual Space Probes

The game’s sheer size meant that the developers could not explore every single planet personally – as we’ve seen from the number above, it would be impossible for them to manage even 1% of that figure. Instead, the developers created virtual probes that scanned planets and brought back animated GIFs of what those planets look like. These were essential when creating the game, as it was the only way the developers could see a substantial number of planets.


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