The premium smartwatches offered by Apple, Sony, and other big players come at premium prices and are by no means affordable. Owing to this fact, new players have started trying their hands at the smartwatch market, a major one of them being NO.1. We had recently talked about the NO.1 D2 smartwatch that not only carried a premium design but also came with great features. Seems like the company has received a great response for the product, which is why they have decided to roll out its successor, the NO.1 D3 smartwatch.

no 1 d3 smartwatch affordable cheap priceOne look at the NO.1 D3 and it will seem like a cross-breed between the Apple Watch and the Asus ZenWatch. However, the D3 smartwatch still feels distinct, thanks to the five snazzy color options it comes in. The scratch-proof glass display looks seamless and smooth, while the frame around it is thin, light, scratch-proof, and sturdy. The straps are made from durable HA-F rubber and should feel comfortable over the wrists. Overall, the smartwatch looks cool and a bit premium too. It surely does not look as fashionable as its predecessor D2, but the D3 surely looks stylish.

Coming to the features of the NO.1 D3, the smartwatch has got a nice and smooth UI with round and colorful icons that make it very simple to operate the device. The smartwatch, when connected to your phone via Bluetooth, can play music with a decent amount of volume. The D3 reminds you of text notifications, and you can directly use it to take calls. The phone has got a HD camera too for quick snaps. There’s a temperature sensor inbuilt for those who like to keep a check on the surrounding temperature.

Now let’s come to the health-related features. The smartwatch has got a sleep monitor to ensure quality sleep. There’s also a sedentary reminder to make sure you get a good dose of walking around. The pedometer helps keep track of your steps, distance, speed, calories, etc. while walking or running and thus makes way for a healthy lifestyle. There’s also a heart rate sensor under the watch which works with the heart rate monitor app to help keep a check on your cardiac health. The NO.1 D3 gets a superb vibrations technology, which can be used as a one-touch massager to calm your senses. The D3 also measures UV intensity to remind you of the harmful sun rays.

no.1 d3 smartwatch imageThe NO.1 D3 smartwatch is run by MTK6261 processor and is compatible with Android smartphones having Bluetooth 3.0 and above. CVC6.0 noise reduction technology helps you listen to calls or music even in noisy environments, while a 380mAh battery in the D3 helps it last all day. One of the best features of the smartwatch is that you can insert a microSD card in it apart from a micro SIM card, thus allowing you to carry the smartwatch as an independent device. All thus at just $20! Yes, the D3 is so affordable that anyone who wishes to have a smartwatch can buy it. Would you buy the NO.1 D3?


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