There is a simple way you can use to vanquish any Nioh boss regardless of how good or bad you are at the game. Anybody can do it. No special skill or aptitude is required.


An Easy Way To Beat Any Boss In NiOh

Basically, utilize Soulstones to control your living weapon. At that point spam the living weapon by squeezing Triangle+Circle (ideally stick for AOE harm). When living weapon closes utilize another Soulstone and rehash. It works best when you put the spirit stones in a snappy select thing space. While utilizing the living weapon you are resistant/can’t take any harm. Make sure to backup your save file before the battle. This is done so you can recover your spirit stones on the off chance that you bomb again and again. PS4 Settings > Application Saved Data Management.

What’s more, that is about it. The Soulstones discharge Amrita which nourishes your living weapon. You can do this again and again the length of you have enough Soulstones. Indeed, even the hardest missions in the game where you battle two bosses immediately work without issues along these lines. You get soulstones regularly as mission rewards and sometimes they are even found as loot. Do not waste these soulstones on normal mobs.

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