The PS4 select Nioh discharged as of late and has been met with some quite stellar audits. Sadly, since the game is a PS4 selective, just PlayStation gamers have possessed the capacity to get in on the action. Nonetheless, the PC gaming group is hoping to change that. A request to convey Nioh to PC has surfaced and before it gets forgotten as another appeal (which it is), these PC petitions now and then give results. As of now, the request of NiOh sitting at 5,000 supporters.


NiOh PC Petition Just Arrived and Has Already Received 5000 Signatures

In 2012 an appeal for Namco Bandai asked for that Dark Souls, which at the time was accessible on the PS3 and Xbox 360, get discharged on PC. The appeal to got a considerable amount of consideration. There was sufficient consideration for the game’s distributor, Namco Bandai, to remark on it. Dark Souls discharged on the PC almost a year after discharge and saw a pleasant increment in sales.

The ‘Convey Nioh to PC’ request isn’t just referring to past petitions. The accomplishment of console exclusives making a beeline for PC is being specified also. In 2015, Capcom discharged the beforehand console exclusive Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen on PC. The game went ahead to be one of Capcom’s quickest offering PC games.

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