It’s November 4th and we have already run out of Halloween candy but do you know what we haven’t run out of yet? Gaming news. That’s right, we have a lot of gaming news and a whole lot of it to cover. Nintendo denies reports about Nintendo Wii U ending production this week. The narrator’s identity in new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer is revealed, and details on Watch Dogs 2 DLC and Season Pass have been revealed as well.

nintendo wii u
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Nintendo Wii U ending production?

It may be too soon to say goodbye to the Wii U because Nintendo is denying reports of discontinuing production. Recently, it was reported that Nintendo was going to seize production of their previous popular console. The news came a few weeks after the Nintendo NX reveal and there was a lot of hue and cry. However, no need to worry because Nintendo is denying reports. Nintendo Wii U will be going into production as usual along with the NX.

Fun fact about the new Mass Effect Andromeda trailer. The main character’s father was the narrator. Creative director Matt Walters confirmed on Twitter that the new Mass Effect Andromeda trailer that released this week was narrated by the main character Ryder’s father. However, the writer’s father’s name has not been disclosed. Mass Effect Andromeda is slated to release next year and will take place 600 years after the events of the most recent Mass Effect game.

And finally, we have details on the Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass. With the game only a few days away, Ubisoft has finally shared some details on what to expect if you bought the Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass. The DLC pass comes to the PS4 first and the first of these arrives in December of this year introducing a new truck and outfit. Also, there will be a new co-op difficulty mode called Mayhem.


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